1450 Cream made from fresh cream

Krem iz syrykh slivok


  • glasses thick cream
  • ½ glass thin cream
  • 3–4 egg yolks
  • ¼ lb, or ¾ glass, sugar
  • 3–5 zolotniki isinglass


Beat glass raw, very thick, cold cream with a whisk over ice until it forms soft peaks. Beat 3–4 egg yolks with ¼ lb fine sugar until white, dilute with ½ glass [thin] cream, and scald it, stirring. Remove from the fire and beat with a whisk. When it has cooled, mix with the beaten cream and ½ glass warm* isinglass and set in a cold place.

One of the following may be added to the cream: Two to three drops lemon oil or the zest rubbed from 1 lemon, ¾ vershok vanilla bean finely pounded with 1 piece sugar, or ½ wineglass white rum.

This cream is sometimes served with syrup or garnished with meringue prepared from ½ lb sugar and the 4 remaining egg whites.

Alternatively, take 12 preserved plums, remove the pits, and cut each plum into several pieces. Arrange on a platter and cover with 2⅓ glasses of whipped cream with sugar. (For 6 persons.)

*Be careful that the isinglass (or gelatin) is not too warm or it will deflate the beaten cream. Isinglass is difficult to find in the United States these days although it still is occasionally sold in specialized food emporiums. Unflavored gelatin may be substituted.