1468 Cream zephyr

Zefir slivochnyj


  • 3 glasses, or 1 bottle, very thick cream almost 1 glass sugar
  • glasses wild or cultivated strawberries, or ¾ glass jam
  • 3–4 drops lemon oil or lemon zest, or 1 vershok vanilla bean
  • (ingredients for cookies or meringues)


Whip 3 glasses very thick cream over ice until the cream forms soft peaks. Add lb sugar, 3–4 drops lemon oil, the zest from ¾ lemon, or 1 vershok pounded vanilla bean. Mix glasses fresh wild or cultivated strawberries or ¾ glass of any kind of red jam without juice with the cream and pile onto a platter. Smooth the surface or freeze in a mold as indicated in the remarks about plombières. Garnish with cookies (biskviti), meringues, etc.

A similar and very tasty dessert is made by folding meringue cookies into the center of the zephyr. Only be sure that they are very dry and crisp.