1538 Apple compote

Kompot iz jablok


  • 6–12 apples
  • ¼–¾ lb, or glasses sugar in pieces (for those who do not like a very sweet compote ¼ lb sugar is sufficient)
  • 10–20 cloves
  • cinnamon, a vershok or more
  • ½–1 glass white French wine
  • ½ lemon


Peel 6–12 apples and stick them with cloves. Quarter large apples, halve medium apples, and leave small ones whole. Core the apples and cook in a thin syrup with cloves and a piece of stick cinnamon. When the apples have thoroughly cooked (but do not let them disintegrate), turn them into a sieve. Strain the syrup and add the remaining sugar, ½–1 glass French wine, and the zest and juice from ½ lemon. Reduce the syrup to 1½ or 2 glasses, as desired, and pour it over the apples arranged on a platter, in a bowl, or in stemmed glasses (v stekljannyja vazy). Serve cold, topped with cherry jam or red or black currant jelly-jam. This compote may be served with roasts, in which case it does not have to be very sweet and wine need not be added.