1607 Lemon torte

Tort limonnyj


Ingredients (for 6 persons and for 1 layer)

  • 1 large lemon
  • glass sugar
  • 6 eggs
  • ½ spoon butter to grease the casing
  • ingredients for icing and decorating the torte


[For 6 layers.] Boil 6 lemons in water until tender enough to be pierced easily with a straw. Do not overcook them or let them lose their juice.

After removing the lemons from the water, wrap them in a napkin folded into several layers. When the lemons have cooled, remove the seeds and beat the lemons [both pulp and juice] in a stoneware bowl until smooth, add 4 glasses sugar, and beat in 36 egg yolks one by one. Stir until the mixture whitens, rub through a fine sieve, mix again, and add 36 beaten egg whites. Mix lightly, pour into buttered paper casings,* and bake in the summer oven, but watch that the torte neither dries out nor browns. When cool, spread the layers with jam or fruit purée and stack the layers on top of each other. These 2 tortes, lemon torte and rye bread torte are sometimes served together, that is, the rye bread torte is sandwiched between layers of lemon torte after spreading each layer with jam or fruit purée.

*Molokhovets is inconsistent in her directions in that she speaks about one casing, but several layers. Here I changed the singular to the plural form under the assumption that the cake would rise better if it were baked in several layers. Also it is not clear whether she intended all six layers to be used in one torte or whether they were to be distributed among several different tortes.