Ingredients (for 6 Persons)

  • 6–9 apples
  • (lemon zest, ¼ glass currants)
  • ½ glass sugar
  • cinnamon
  • ½ spoon butter
  • (1–2 wineglasses wine)
  • Or, 1 lb, or nearly 3 glasses, fresh berries and ½ glass sugar

For the yeast dough

  • ¾ glass milk
  • 1–2 spoons yeast, or 1 zolotnik dried yeast
  • 1 lb, or 3 glasses, flour
  • ¼ lb butter
  • 2–3 egg yolks
  • glass sugar and cinnamon or 3–4 ground cardamom seeds
  • 1 egg to paint the dough
  • Or, ingredients for short or puff pastry


Prepare a yeast dough. Peel 6–9 apples, chop them fine, and fry them lightly with ½ glass sugar, a little cinnamon, and 1 spoon butter. Add a wineglass or 2 of wine, finely chopped lemon zest, and, if desired, scalded currants. Stew all this until the mixture thickens. After the dough has risen, roll out a thin circle, top it with the prepared apples, surround with a thin rim of pastry, cover with a lattice of that same dough, paint with egg, and bake. Or, instead of the apples, cover the dough with jam or fresh berries and sprinkle with sugar. Serve sugar separately. This same pie may also be made from short or puff pastry.