1647 Marzipan mazurka

Mazurek iz martsipana


  • ½ lb, or glasses, almonds
  • lb, or ¾ glass, sugar
  • 3–4 egg whites
  • ingredients for icing and other decorations


Slightly dry out ½ lb blanched sweet almonds and pound them in a mortar with 2 egg whites and ⅜ to ½ lb sugar. Transfer to a saucepan and add enough egg whites to moisten the mixture without letting it become too thin. Place over hot coals and stir until the mixture becomes hot. Remove from the fire, turn out onto paper dusted with sugar, roll up, and set aside until cool. Remove from the paper and roll out onto a half sheet of paper, sprinkling with sugar. Trim the edges, roll out the scraps again, cut into strips, and surround the mazurka with them. Transfer to a baking sheet and bake until golden. Remove from the sheet, glaze, dry out [in the oven], and decorate with jam, fruits, etc.