• lb, or ¾ glass, sugar
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 spoon anise*
  • lb, or 1⅓ glasses, flour
  • ½ spoon butter


Beat lb sugar and 4½ eggs with a whisk on top of the stove until the mixture whitens and thickens. Remove from the heat and cool, beating constantly. Sprinkle on a little anise and lb flour. Mix thoroughly, spread thinly on a buttered baking sheet, and bake. After removing the sheet of pastry from the oven, cut it into several pieces. Roll each piece gently into a tube, dry out, and sprinkle with sugar.

*In the twentieth edition, the words for pineapple (ananas) and anise (anise) have been confused, a mistake not made in the first edition. Although this seems to be a large amount of anise for the flour—1 lozhka being about 2 American tablespoons—Molokhovets clearly had a variable image of the term, sometimes meaning a small spoon but mostly a large one. In this case, I assume she meant a small spoon.