1794 Buns made with water

Bulki na vode


Prepare a dough from ½ garnets flour, 4 glasses warm water, and ¾ glass thick yeast, or an extra ¾ glass water plus 4 zolotniki dry yeast. When the dough has risen, add 1 level tablespoon fine salt, ½ glass or more butter, and half the remaining flour. Beat the dough thoroughly and set it in a warm place to rise slightly. Add the remaining flour, knead the dough as well as possible, and let it rise again. Form into buns, and, after they have risen on a baking sheet greased with 1 spoon butter, paint them with boiling water or beer, and place them in the oven. The dough may be made much thinner, in which case, bake the buns in buttered pans. These proportions will yield at least lbs of buns after baking and cooling.

Poppy seed milk may be used instead of water. Poppy seed buns are made from this dough, the tops of which should be sprinkled with poppy seeds. Caraway seeds may be used instead of poppy seeds.

(Use 5 lbs flour, or 1 garnets.)

If these buns are baked for tea, beat ¾ glass sugar with the butter [and add the sweetened butter to the dough after the first rising.]