1953 Sour and sweet cherry jam

Vishni i chereshni


Carefully stone sour and sweet cherries* without marring the berries, put them in a coarse sieve, and douse them with cold water and ice. Use 1½ or 2 lbs sugar for every lb of uncleaned berries and 1 glass water for every lb of sugar. Boil the syrup thoroughly, sprinkle on the berries, and cook as usual.

Or, after sprinkling the berries into the syrup, cook them for a short time, pour them out into a stoneware bowl, and set aside overnight. The next day, carefully pour off the syrup. Bring it to a boil, sprinkle on the berries again, and finish cooking. Pour the jam into a stoneware bowl, cool, and transfer to a jar, etc.

Or, after rinsing the berries with water and ice, transfer them to a stoneware bowl and cover with a thick syrup that has been boiled and cooled. The next day, pour off the syrup, bring to a boil, sprinkle on the berries, and cook until done.

*Vishnja (Prunus cerasus), the ordinary Russian word for cherry, is a sour cherry, also known as the morello cherry. Chereshnja (Prunus avium) is much sweeter and is known as the mazzard or sweet cherry. Since Molokhovets rarely used sweet cherries, sour cherries should be used in all her recipes unless otherwise noted. (Macura, Russian-English Botanical Dictionary, 625, 80–81; and Bianchini and Corbetta, Complete Book of Fruits and Vegetables, 146–149.)