1970 Lemons, another way

Limony drugim maneromz


Choose large, thick-skinned lemons and soak them for 12 days, changing the water daily. Then cover with cold river water and cook them until they can be pierced with a straw. Remove those that are cooked; let the others cook a little longer. As the lemons are removed, place them immediately in a deep bowl lined with a napkin folded several times. Cover the fruit with the napkin and then with a lid. After the lemons have cooled, cut them into oblong pieces with a sharp knife, discarding the seeds. Weigh the fruit and pack into jars. For 1 lb of lemons, make a syrup from lbs sugar and 2 glasses of the water in which the lemons were cooked. Bring to a boil, cool, and pour over the lemons. The next day, pour off the syrup, bring it twice to a boil, cool, and pour over the lemons. On the third day, reduce the syrup to the requisite thickness and, while it is still warm but not hot, pour it over the lemons. Lemons prepared in this manner will be tasty and tender.