2227 Cider vinegar

Uksus iz jablok


Gather windfall apples even if they are not completely ripe. Pile them up, but watch that they only soften, but do not rot. Using a chopper, mince them as fine as for cabbage. Place them in a conical sack and squeeze out the juice in a press. Pour all the pressed juice into a tub and set on ice for 3 days. Without disturbing the sediment, carefully pour off the clear juice into a strong oak barrel. For each pail juice, add 1 glass honey and 2 glasses black treacle. Add a mother of vinegar if it is available; otherwise, add a sheet of writing paper spread with honey. Cover the bunghole with a cloth, seal, and set the barrel aside for 3 months. This vinegar takes a long time to mature. If honey is not added, the vinegar sometimes can take a full year to mature but then it becomes very strong and pleasant. But most importantly, it costs almost nothing if one owns an orchard, because it can also be made without honey, which like a mother is added for quickness. The marc which remains may be placed in garden beds, and if the apples were ripe, then in spring all the seeds will sprout and form a nursery.