2271 Starch from immature apple and pears

Krakhmal iz nedozrelykh jablok i grush


This method for preparing starch from immature windfall apples and pears was published in German newspapers. Gather, peel, core, and thoroughly rinse the fruit. Grate, immediately dropping the grated fruit into a tub that has been two-thirds filled with water. The grated fruit must constantly be mixed with this water. When all the fruit has been grated, thoroughly mix it with the water once more, even using your hands, then let it settle. After the water has cleared on top, carefully pour it off. Pour on fresh water, mix, let it settle, and pour off again. After the second time, two types of starch will remain on the bottom: the top layer will be fibrous and the lower layer will be a greenish solid mass like a jelly. Remove both layers [together] with a large spoon onto a fine sieve and rub the starch through the sieve now by hand, and now with a brush, pouring on water from time to time. Let the mixture settle, pour off the water, and spread the starch out on a table covered with paper, and let it dry.

Pour the waters from the first two soakings into a tub and let it settle since it contains small particles of starch.

122 lbs apples will yield up to 20 lbs starch.

Apple starch should be prepared separately from pear starch.