2283 Synthetic butter

Iskustvennoe maslo


Finnish butter may be replaced with the following: Finely chop 1 lb mutton fat, place in a saucepan, and cover with glasses whole milk. Bring to a boil several times to render the fat, then strain through a fine sieve. As the fat begins to cool, beat with a spatula until smooth. Fry 4 lots of dried bread crumbs made from the crusts of sieved wheat bread (sitnyj) with 1 lot tragacanth. Beat the fried crumbs and 2 finely chopped and sieved onions into the mutton fat. Fat prepared in this manner is very tasty, cheap, and convenient, since 1 lb of fat may replace 2 lbs of butter. Anything may be fried in it, and it may be used even to prepare doughs.