2318 Homemade yeast

Drozhzhi domashnija


Take ½ garnets, or 6 glasses, coarsely sieved wheat bran. Pour 4 glasses of the bran into a stoneware bowl, add just enough boiling water to make a thick porridge, and beat with a spoon for 2 minutes. Sprinkle a large handful of bran on top, cover with a napkin folded in half, and leave for 5 minutes, not longer. Add just enough boiling water to mix in the bran that was sprinkled on top, beat thoroughly, sprinkle on the remaining bran, and recover with a napkin for 5 minutes in order to ferment. Add boiling water for the third time, but be careful not to let it overflow; use just enough for the bran to form a dough as thick as that for bread. This time do not cover with a napkin, but mix with a spoon or spatula until it cools. Pour off the liquid, squeezing the bran in a napkin. Add ¾ glass hops to this liquid. (Pour 1 glass boiling water over 2 lots of hops, cover, let settle, and strain.) After all this has cooled, add 3 or 4 spoons old yeast. Divide this mixture into 2 bottles, filling them not more than ⅔ full, stop the bottles with paper, and set in a warm place for 5–6 hours. After the yeast has risen, cork the bottles and store in a cold place. This yeast will not keep very long and quickly sours. Therefore new yeast must be prepared frequently, using 3–4 spoons of the old. Add twice as much of this yeast to dough as beer yeast.