2362 Apple confections

Jablochnaja postila iz varenykh jablok


Fill a clay pot with large, ripe, sour apples, add water, and cook until the apple skins begin to split. Drain the apples in a sieve and let them dry overnight. The next day, rub the apples through a fine sieve. For 2 lbs of sieved apples, use 2 Β½ lbs fine sugar and 3 egg whites. Mix everything together thoroughly and beat with a small whisk until the mixture whitens and thickens. Add about β…› lb ground bitter almonds and 1 spoon good, fragrant rosewater. Beat the mixture, then spread out in boxes made of pine slats, 1ΒΌ arshins long, 6 vershok wide, and 1Β½ vershok high. These boxes must be lined on the bottom and sides with writing paper. Set them on small wooden blocks in a well-heated, cleanly swept out oven and leave them there for 24 hours. When, after some time, the apple mixture has dried out on top, remove the confections from the oven and set the boxes on the windowsill to cool faster. Remove the sweets from the boxes, turn onto clean boards covered with writing paper, and tear off the paper that has stuck to the bottom and sides. Return the confections to the oven on these boards to dry out evenly on all sides.