2378 Stuffed, dried plums

Slivy sushenyja, farshirovannyja


Use fresh plums that have lain aside for a while [i.e., not newly picked from the tree]. Slit the plums lengthwise, stone and stuff them, and thread on a very thin long spill, piercing the plums across to prevent them from disintegrating and the stuffing from falling out. Arrange the plums on a baking sheet covered with straw and dry out in the oven after baking bread. Repeat this several times, then pack into jars. They may be served with the spills, rather than removing them.

Any of the following fillings may be used.

  • Take some dried, pounded, and sieved rye bread, add some caraway seeds, and dilute with enough white honey to moisten the stuffing without making it runny.
  • Shell almonds (hazelnuts and walnuts may be added, if desired), chop fine, and dilute with white honey.
  • Finely chop peeled apples and add, if desired, cinnamon, cloves, and chopped orange rind. Dilute with white honey and use to stuff plums.
  • Stuff plums with finely chopped raw plums mixed with honey and caraway.
  • Stuff plums with grated almonds, chopped apples, and honey.
  • Stuff plums with a mixture of grated almonds, rosewater, and fine sugar. Then dry out the plums.
  • Finely chop sweet almonds, orange rind, and a few raw plums. Add sugar, dilute with water, and bring to a boil 2–3 times until the mixture thickens. When it is almost ready, add pounded cinnamon and cloves. Let the mixture cool, stuff the plums, and dry them in the summer oven on a baking sheet covered with straw. Repeat this several times until the plums have dried, but do not let them over-dry and become hard, which can happen if the oven is too hot. Serve with vodka and for dessert, like other dried preserves.