2517 Salted tomatoes for stuffing

Solenye pomidory dlja farshirovan’ja


Wipe tomatoes* dry, pack them into an earthenware pot, and pour on cooled water that has been boiled with salt. (This water must be salted enough so that a fresh egg can float in it, that is, use 1 glass salt for 3–4 glasses water.) First place a small round plank on top of the tomatoes so that they are constantly immersed in the salted water and then cover the earthenware pot. Remove the mold frequently. Before using, the tomatoes must be soaked in water and washed thoroughly. They are used in soup.

*Green, but not red, tomatoes are usually preserved in brine. The modern process is still remarkably similiar to that outlined by Molokhovets. (See Stocking Up, Molokhovets gave a recipe for green tomatoes stuffed with veal forcemeat that were used as a garnish for soup.