2571 Salted boletus mushrooms

Belye griby solenye


Mushrooms may be stockpiled in spring for the summer and in autumn for the winter. Drop young boletus mushrooms into boiling water. After they have come to a boil once or twice, turn them into a coarse sieve and cool by rinsing them in cold water. Let them dry off in the same sieves, turning them over on all sides. Pack them into jars standing upright, sprinkle each layer with salt, cover the top layer with a dry, round piece of wood, and place a stone on top. If after several days the mushrooms have subsided, top up the jar with fresh mushrooms, and pour on melted beef fat or butter that is barely warm. Best of all, wrap a bladder around the jar and store it in a cold, dry place. Before using, soak the mushrooms for 1 hour in cold water. If they have been salted for a long time, they may be soaked for a full 24 hours. Wash them in several waters. The flavor of mushrooms prepared in this manner is barely distinguishable from that of fresh mushrooms, especially if they are boiled in bouillon with powdered boletus mushrooms. For 1 pail of boletus mushrooms, use 1½ glasses salt.