2690 Fresh sausages

Sosiski svezhija


Take 10 lbs each lean pork and fatty scraps. If the pork is fresh, scrape it with a knife [i.e., purée the meat]. If it is slightly frozen, finely chop until it resembles buckwheat groats. Prepare a bouillon from 3–4 lbs of leftover scraps and sinews. Add allspice, bay leaves, and ½ lb or more finely chopped onion. Strain and cool the bouillon after it has finished cooking. Pour 5–6 glasses of the bouillon over the chopped pork mentioned above. Add 3 zolotniki ground allspice, 1½ zolotniki black pepper, and, if desired, 3 zolotniki marjoram. Mix thoroughly with your hands and pipe the mixture into thin pork intestines with a canvas bag [i.e., pastry tube]. Tie up in ¾ arshin lengths and at both ends. Hang in a warm place for several hours to dry off, then transfer to a cold place. These sausages will not keep longer than three weeks. Before serving, place them in a saucepan, barely cover them with water, beer, or beet brine, and cook until the sauce boils away. Then fry them on both sides on top of the stove or in the oven. A little pork fat may be added, sprinkle them with rusk crumbs, and serve with fresh cabbage or sauerkraut or with mustard.