2965 Baked cod

Treska zapechenaja


  • 3 lbs cod
  • ½ garnets potatoes
  • ¼–½ lb shallots
  • 5–10 allspice berries
  • nutmeg
  • parsley and dill
  • 2–3 rusks
  • ¼–½ glass mustard or other fast day oil
  • (garlic)
  • (ingredients for batter)


Prepare cod as indicated. Grease a tinned saucepan with olive or mustard oil, add a layer of boiled and sliced potatoes, and sprinkle them with chopped parsley and dill, 1 spoon finely chopped shallots, a little allspice, and nutmeg. (If desired, chopped garlic shoots may be added.) Pour on 1 spoon olive oil, place the cut-up cod on top, and cover with another layer of potatoes, etc. Pour on oil or batter, sprinkle with a grated roll, and brown in the oven.

Cod is also served in the following ways: with white table wine, prepared like carp; with tomato sauce, but omit all meat day ingredients; or with cherry and red wine sauce.