Making Zabaglione


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Home Made

By Yvette van Boven

Published 2011

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You will need a little patience to make zabaglione, but make it and everyone will love you for it. Serve as is, in a small bowl, or with ladyfingers for dunking. The art of this dessert is to know when to stop beating. It has to be nice and thick, but if it gets too hot, the egg will turn into lumps in your dessert and you will have to start again. But it won’t come to that, since you will just follow the step-by-step plan:


  • Prepare Your ingredients: Per Person

    Use: 1 Egg yolk, 1 tbsp sugar and 50 ml (2 fl oz/4-5 tbsp) Marsala.

  • Put the yolk in a bowl, which will later fit on a pan of boiling water. Add the sugar.

  • Patiently whip into airy white foam.

  • Pour in the marsala, while stirring.

  • Place the bowl over a pan of softly boiling water, ensure that the water does not touch the bowl and continue to beat...

  • Until airy and thick. Immediately pour into glasses or small bowls.>>>