Shin of Beet Stock for Gravies


  • Shin of beef, 6 lbs.
  • water, 9 pints
  • salt, 1 oz.
  • large bunch of Savoury herbs
  • peppercorns, 1 teaspoon
  • mace, 2 blades.


There is no better foundation for strong gravies than shin of beef stewed down to a jelly (which it easily becomes), with the addition only of some spice, a bunch of savoury herbs, and a moderate proportion of salt; this, if kept in a cool larder, boiled softly for two or three minutes every second or third day, and each time put into a clean, well-scalded pan, will remain good for many days, and may easily be converted into excellent soup or gravy. Let the bone be broken in one or two places, take out the marrow, which, if not wanted for immediate use, should be clarified, and stored for future occasions; put a pint and a half of cold water to the pound of beef, and stew it very gently indeed for six or seven hours, or even longer should the meat not then be quite in fragments. The bones of calf’s feet which have been boiled down for jelly, the liquor in which the head has been cooked, and any remains of ham quite freed from the smoky parts, from rust, and fat, will be serviceable additions to this stock. a couple of pounds of the neck of beef may be added to six of the shin with very good effect; but for white soup or sauces this is better avoided.