French Semoulina Pudding

Or Gâteau de Semoule


Infuse by the side of the fire in a quart of new milk, the very thin rind of a fine fresh lemon, and when it has stood for half an hour bring it slowly to a boil: simmer it for four or five minutes, then take out the lemon rind, and throw lightly into the milk, stirring it all the time, five ounces of the best quality of semoulina;* let it boil over a gentle fire for ten minutes, then add four ounces of sugar roughly powdered, three of fresh butter, and less than a small quarter-teaspoonful of salt; boil the mixture for two or three additional minutes, keeping it stirred without ceasing; take it from the fire, let it cool a little, and stir to it briskly, and by degrees, the yolks of six eggs and the whites of four well beaten together, and strained or prepared for use as directed, four or five bitter almonds, pounded with a little sugar, will heighten the flavour pleasantly to many tastes. When the pudding is nearly cold, pour it gently into a stewpan or mould, prepared as for the Gâteau de Riz, and bake it in a very gentle oven from an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half.

* As we have had occasion to state in the previous pages of this volume, we have had semoulina, vermicelli, and various kinds of macaroni of first-rate quality, from Mr. Cobbett, 18, Pall Mall; but they may, without doubt, be procured squally good from many other foreign warehouses.