Oysters and Succulents

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By Ben Shewry

Published 2012

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Surfers are the enlightened ones. Honestly. At times life can overwhelm us, emotions can distort what is reality and what is not, but solace can be found in the ocean. Through my childhood, teenage years and most of my adult life I’ve found solace in the ocean — the better part of that spent as a surfer. No matter what is troubling me I’ve been able to go for a wave and return to the beach feeling better, almost enlightened. Real surfers live for the exchange with nature. Few things in my life can surpass the feeling of paddling into waves and riding them to the shore. (On the other hand, being clubbed in the face with my 20 kilogram 1960s-style long board is also a feeling that few things in my life can emulate. Luckily, I’ve got great friends keeping an eye out for me, ready to drag me, semi-conscious, from the water and call an ambulance. I’ve got the scars to prove it.) People who have eaten this dish tell me that it reminds them of being held under a wave — and I like that idea.

To Finish

  • 8 live oysters, unshucked
  • 8 wild sea succulent flowers (see Note)
  • 8 pieces wild cladophora seaweed
  • 8 wild beach spinach leaves
  • 8 wild pieces float leaf seaweed
  • 8 small pieces edible brown algae

Shuck the oysters and gently cut the muscle to release the oyster.

Place a piece of pickled lemon peel on each oyster. Arrange the succulent flowers and sea vegetables on top of the oysters and pour over the succulent juice.

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