Sauce Romaine: Classic Method

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    1½ cups

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By James Peterson

Published 1991

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Add 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) gastrique to cups (300 milliliters) demi-glace and 5 fluid ounces (150 milliliters) game stock. Reduce the sauce by one-fourth or until syrupy, and strain it through a fine chinois. Finish with 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) dark raisins, plumped, and 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) white raisins, plumped. (Soak each type of raisin in 1 tablespoon [15 milliliters] warm water for 20 minutes to plump and soften them before adding to the sauce.) Lightly toast 1 tablespoon (15 milliliters) pine nuts in the oven and add them to the sauce.