Ingredients Metric US Volume
Milk couverture, 37%, tempered 30.0 g 1.1 oz 2 tbsp
cocoa butter 25.0 g 0.9 oz 2 tbsp
Feuilletine or corn flakes 45.0 g 1.6 oz ¾ cup
Unsalted butter, softened 3.0 g 0.1 oz ½ tsp
Colored cocoa butter and/or couverture, for decoration as needed as needed as needed
White couverture, tempered, for casting and capping 190.0 g 6.7 oz ¾ cup
Sugar 145.0 g 5.1 oz ¾ cup
Pectin 2.2 g 0.1 oz ½ tsp
Heavy cream 90.0 g 3.2 oz ¾ cup + 2 tbsp
Unsalted butter 125.0 g 4.4 oz ½ cup + 1 tbsp
Invert Sugar 50.0 g 1.8 oz 2 tbsp
Milk couverture, 37%, chopped or coins 265.0 g 9.3 oz 2 cups
cocoa butter, melted 13.0 g 0.5 oz 1 tbsp
Key lime juice 90.0 g 3.2 oz ¾ cup
Grated lime zest 2.5 g 0.1 oz tsp
1075.7 g 38.1 oz


1 For the cracker crust squares: Cover an acrylic base with parchment paper or an acetate sheet and create an 5 × 6 ½–in/135 × 165–mm rectangle using ⅛-in/3-mm metal bars.

2 Melt the couverture and cocoa butter separately, then combine and stir to mix well.

3 Mix in the feuilletine flakes thoroughly.

4 Add the liquid cocoa butter and mix in with a spatula, but do not allow to cool. The mixture should be at 92&F/33.3&C.

5 Spread the mixture, using an offset spatula, between the metal bars on top of the acetate sheet.

6 Using a plastic roller, roll the mixture to an even, smooth layer. Let set for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, until it is partially set but can still be cut cleanly.

7 Using a knife, cut the crust away from the bars. Remove the bars.

8 Use a rolling cutter to create ⅝-in/15-mm squares. Remove any excess pieces.

9 Place the crackers in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes to set completely.

10 For the ganache and pralines: Prepare 4 molds with twenty-four 0.4 oz/11 g cavities or 3 molds with thirty-two 0.4 oz/11 g cavities with cocoa butter or couverture as desired.

11 Cast the molds with the white couverture.

12 Combine the pectin and the sugar and stir together to prevent lumps.

13 In a medium pot, bring the cream, butter, and sugar-pectin mixture to a boil over medium heat.

14 Combine the invert sugar and chopped couverture. Pour the hot cream mixture over the couverture mixture, and stir lightly to incorporate into a smooth mixture.

15 Add the melted cocoa butter.

16 Stir in the key lime juice and lime zest. Cover with plastic wrap and let cool to 84&F/28.9&C.

17 When the mixture reaches the proper temperature, place in a pastry bag with a small hole cut in the tip and pipe into the prepared molds leaving enough room for the crust as well as capping.

18 Place one cracker on top of the piped ganache in each cavity. Let set overnight at room temperature.

19 Once the ganache has completely set, cap with white couverture. Place in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 minutes to set.

20 Tap the molds on the table to release the chocolates.

21 Store in an airtight container at 57& to 61&F/13.9& to 16.1&C in a dark, dry place.

Recommended Mold Décor

1 Wearing gloves, use your finger to swirl the molds with yellow cocoa butter.

2 Repeat the same swirling technique with green cocoa butter.