Ingredients Metric US Volume
Dark couverture, 63%, overwarmed, for the acetate sheet as needed as needed as needed
Heavy cream 320 g 11.3 oz cup + 2 tbsp
Vanilla bean 15 g 0.5 oz 1 ea
Dark couverture, 72%, half melted 390 g 13.7 oz cups
Invert Sugar 54 g 1.9 oz 2 tbsp
Unsalted butter, softened 80 g 2.8 oz 3 tbsp + 1 tsp
Dark couverture, 72%, tempered, for dipping 256 g 9.0 oz 1 cup
Gold leaf as needed as needed as needed
1115 g 39.2 oz


1 Prepare an acetate sheet on an acrylic base and cover with overwarmed couverture (see page 118). On the sheet, place a 15-in/380-mm square acrylic frame, ½ in/13 mm high. Place a divider or bar inside the frame to split it in half. (The recipe makes enough ganache for a half-frame, 7½ × 15 in/190 × 380 mm.)

2 Place the cream in a medium pot. Split the vanilla bean, scrape out the seeds, and add the pod and seeds to the cream. Bring to a boil over medium heat.

3 Combine the 63% dark couverture and invert sugar. Pour the hot cream over the couverture mixture, and set aside undisturbed for 1 minute.

4 Using a spatula, stir in small circles starting in the center of the bowl, then gradually in wider circles to form an emulsion.

5 Cool to 92&F/33.3&C.

6 Blend in the butter with an immersion blender.

7 Spread the ganache into the prepared acrylic frame and allow to set overnight at room temperature.

8 Remove the frame, flip the slab over, and remove the acetate sheet. Place the slab on a guitar cutter and cut into ⅞-in/22-mm squares.

9 Transfer the pieces to a parchment paper–lined sheet tray, separate them, and let them rest at room temperature for 2 hours to form a crust before finishing.

10 Using a dipping fork, dip each praline into the 73% dark couverture. Before the couverture sets, place a small piece of gold leaf on each praline. Let set completely at room temperature.

11 Store in an airtight container at 57& to 61&F/13.9& to 16.1&C in a dark, dry place.