Ingredients Metric US Volume
Milk couverture, 37% 200 g 7.1 oz ¾ cup
Dark couverture, 63% 160 g 5.6 oz cup
Unsalted butter 200 g 7.1 oz 1 cup
Ruby Port Wine 120 g 4.2 oz cup
Dark Chocolate Discs 80 g 2.8 oz 80 ea
Dark couverture, 63%, tempered, for dipping 160 g 5.6 oz cup
920 g 32.4 oz


1 Melt the milk and dark couverture in the oven at 88&F/31.1&C, or use tempered couverture.

2 In a bowl, blend the butter by hand with a spatula until smooth.

3 Mix the milk and dark couvertures and the butter together with a spatula or in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. The closer the temperatures of the butter and the couvertures, the easier it will be to blend them together. Stir to a smooth consistency.

4 Add the wine. Blend in the wine very well using a spatula or a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment to create a smooth ganache.

5 Pipe the ganache onto the chocolate discs using a pastry bag with a plain size-12 tip.

If the ganache is too soft, let it set before piping. If the ganache is too cold, it can be warmed in a water bath or stirred. Stirring will aerate the ganache, leaving a lighter mouthfeel.

6 Allow the piped ganache to set 1 hour at room temperature.

7 Once the ganache is fully crystallized, dip the pieces in the dark couverture using a dipping fork. Let the couverture completely set.

8 Store in an airtight container at 57& to 61&F/13.9& to 16.1&C in a dark, dry place.