4574 The Moulding and Presentation of Bavarois

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Bavarois are usually moulded in funnel moulds which have been lightly coated inside with almond oil. When full they should be covered with a round piece of paper and allow to set either in crushed ice or in a refrigerator.
When required for serving the mould is plunged quickly into lukewarm water, dried, then turned out on to the serving dish.
Instead of oiling the mould a thin coating of light-coloured caramel can be used to line it; this gives an excellent appearance and taste to the Bavarois.
There is another way of presenting a Bavarois which can be recommended, this is to mould it in a timbale or deep silver dish which is then surrounded with crushed ice. In this case the Bavarois is not demoulded for serving thus the mixture can be made with less gelatine and therefore it becomes more delicate.