In home cooking, gelatin is usually prepared by boiling animal bones, particularly calves’ feet and heads. In nineteenth-century Russia, commercial gelatin was usually sold in sheets and that is what Molokhovets used. As far as I know, the first granulated gelatin was produced in America in October 1893 by the Knox Gelatin Company, following a suggestion of the popular Philadelphian cooking teacher, Sarah Tyson Rorer. (Weigley, Sarah Tyson Rorer, 95.) One of the earliest Russian gelatin factories, if not the first, was founded in St. Petersburg in 1887 by the Swiss confectioner Moritz Conradi (1831–1887), the same man who had founded a chocolate factory in St. Petersburg in 1857. At the end of the century there were three gelatin factories in St. Petersburg and another in the Crimea. (Kaiser, Fast ein Volk von Zuckerbakern? 77, 147, 162; 22, 741.) See also Isinglass.