iv The quantity of beef

Kolichestvo govjadiny

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A Gift to Young Housewives

By Elena Molokhovets

Published 1992

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To prepare enough bouillon to fill 6 deep soup plates, use 10–12 lbs of beef and bones. This amount is excessive,* however, since the bouillon will be excellent if made from only 6 lbs, allotting about 1 lb per person. For ordinary bouillon [for six] use 1¼ to 3 lbs beef with bones, or ⅙ to ½ lb (70–200 grams)** per person. With ½ lb or 200 grams per person, the bouillon will be very good. Do not make bouillon from less than ⅙ lb per person. For puréed soups and shchi, use proportionately less beef; for example, 2 to 2½ lbs per six servings, instead of 3.