2529 Chopped cabbage

Shinkovannaja kapusta

There is no need to hurry and gather the cabbages before the frost while the weather is still warm. Just bring the cabbages into the vegetable cellar when the frost begins. First prepare chopped gray cabbage, and then, after waiting for the new moon, cut off the outer leaves from the firm, tightly closed heads, halve each head, and shred with a sharp knife or machine.

It has been observed that cabbage which is set to sour at the new moon is firm and squeaks on the teeth. Therefore, if soft cabbage is preferred, it should be set to sour in the last quarter of the moon. Place the shredded cabbage on a large coarse sieve and wash it thoroughly with clean, cold water. After draining off the water, fill a keg with layers of cabbage, sprinkling each layer with a small handful of washed salt* and a handful of caraway seeds. Press each layer down well and cram it in with a pounder made for this purpose until juice appears. To make more juice, pour 1 glass very salty water over each layer of cabbage and place carrots, apples, and lingonberries or cranberries between the layers. By the way, the cabbage should not be pressed down too much or it will become too soft.