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Honey from a Weed

By Patience Gray

Published 1986

A counsel of perfection: the best prelude to goose is a platter of oysters.
One cannot do enough for a goose in the way of inducing it to render its fat, both for the sake of the taste of the meat, and for the uses to which this marvellous fat can be put.

Anything that detracts from the taste of the goose is to be avoided, which is why, after experiment, one refrains from stuffing it with anything except prunes (soaked for an hour, unstoned), apples (peeled, cored and cut in four) and pine kernels when one can afford them. This is the Catalan festive stuffing for goose and chicken. Stuffing a goose with apples is another instance of dressing a bird with what it feeds on.

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