Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) rickenianus


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By Roger Phillips

Published 2006

Cortinarius (Phlegmacium) rickenianus Maire (illustrated 55% life size) Cap 4–6cm across; ochraceous-cream, often with violaceous tinges, cuticle turns bright rose-red with NaOH. Stem 20–40×10–15mm, 20–30mm wide at marginate bulb; cream, with remnants of the violaceous veil. Flesh white to cream, violaceous in stem apex when young; taste and smell not distinctive. No reaction with NaOH. Gills adnate to free; violet at first, becoming violaceous-clay. Spores 9–11×5–6¼, ovate, roughened. Spore print rust. Habitat amongst scrub near deciduous trees; autumn. Very rare. Suspect avoid.

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