Juglana regia

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The New Vegetarian

The New Vegetarian

By Colin Spencer

Published 1986

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There are many varieties of this nut, which is sold whole, shelled, ground and chopped, fresh, dried or pickled. They are extremely versatile and may be used at different stages of their growth. (The moister the walnut, the fresher it will be.) Green walnuts, which have not yet developed a hard shell, are picked in summer to make pickles, ketchups and chutneys. Wet walnuts, picked around early autumn, have moist kernels with a hard outer shell. They have a delicious and fragrant flavour which is marvellous in savoury dishes. Dried walnuts, the type most often eaten, are simply an older version of wet walnuts from which the moisture has been allowed to evaporate. They can be added to salads, savoury dishes, cakes and breads. Walnut oil is cold pressed from ripe nuts and makes a subtle and delicious salad dressing.