Preparation for freezing meat

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Bulk supplies of meat should be packaged in quantities which can be used up on a single occasion if possible. Ideally, meat should be boned and the surplus fat removed. If the bones are not removed, the ends should be wrapped in several layers of greaseproof paper to avoid piercing freezer wrappings. Meat must be carefully labelled for identification. Air must be excluded from the packages so that the freezer wrap can touch the surface of the meat all over.
If a whole animal or a variety of different meats are being prepared for freezing at one time, the offal should be processed first, then pork, veal and lamb, and finally beef as this will keep best under refrigeration if delays occur.
The wrapping for meat must be strong, since oxygen from the air which may penetrate wrappings affects fat and may cause rancidity (pork is the most subject to this problem). In addition to moisture-vapour-proof wrapping, an overwrap of brown paper, greaseproof paper or stockinette will protect packages and will guard against punctures. Place the label on the outside of this wrapping.

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