Automatic Time-Controlled Meals

It is possible to obtain surprisingly good results by placing food in an oven and leaving the auto-controls to switch the oven on and off. Generally speaking, dishes which require approximately the same temperature and the same length of time to cook are suitable. For example, when planning a breakfast menu which will include any or all of the following: bacon, sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms, kippers (whole or filleted), porridge (made from the quick-type rolled oats), the bacon should be rolled so that it will be cooked ready for serving with the other dishes. Alternatively, the bacon could be rolled around the chipolata sausages. The kippers and porridge should be placed in dishes with lids or covered well with aluminium foil.
Various types of casserole dishes, any root vegetables, stewed fruit and milk puddings always produce good results cooked by this method from cold. Pies, etc., made from shortcrust pastry; sponge and batter puddings are also a success. Cakes requiring a very short cooking time (e.g. buns and scones, Swiss rolls, etc.) are not very satisfactory when placed in a cold oven.
Victoria sandwich, fruit cakes and gingerbread, etc., which require a comparatively longer time to cook, are all quite successful. With the exception of the Victoria sandwich (which will take approximately 10 minutes longer than the cooking time given in the normal recipe) they will require cooking for the same length of time as when placed in an oven at the correct temperature. The autotimer can be used merely to switch off the oven at the end of the cooking period, which is an added convenience.