To all the moms who witnessed our struggles of raising a family and starting a business. Thanks for the support. To our most awesome landlords, Dan and Catherine Noble. Thank you for choosing us and not Chase Bank. Your entire community is grateful! To Phebe and Ohad, who were there from the beginning. Thank you for living two doors down from our shop and making us spectacular dinners.

I’m happy we can always provide dessert! To Debbie. Thank you for being my right-hand event scooper at a moment’s notice. We make a great team! Thank you to Danielle Galland for designing our space into the warm, beautiful shop it is. Thank you Lucy for the gorgeous photos. Thank you to the most intelligent and talented staff any shop could have. We only wish we could keep you forever. To Lauren, who immediately got our vibe. It takes a special someone. And thank you for always being a positive and inspirational energy throughout the shop. Thanks, Dad, for your heartfelt songs and stories to our kids. Your creativity has infected us all and for that I am grateful. To Mom, whose passion for good food and community will forever inspire me. My understanding and love for you only get stronger as I continue to miss you immensely. To Nonna and Kaleo for being so yummy! I love watching you grow and change and be who you are. To my Brian, whose never-ending love and compassion warm my heart and feed my soul every single day. Thank you for thinking big while somehow managing to be the most present father and loving husband I have ever seen. You are truly amazing!