Soyer’s Relish

With reference to this sauce, the Observer remarks:—

M. Soyer is a culinary artist as profound as he is versatile; nothing comes amiss to him. No foreign cuisinier ever tickled the Saxon palate so successfully. He is a great man; and the ill-cooked mutton chops that lost Napoleon the battle of Leipsic, would have produced a very different effect if Soyer had dished them up in his Magic Stove, and rendered them thoroughly light and digestible by his appetizing Relish.’

C. and B. consider it important to state, that the whole of their manufactures are prepared with the most scrupulous attention to cleanliness and purity. The utmost precaution is taken in every instance to prevent contact with copper, or any other pernicious metal; and to ensure this end, they have at a great expense fitted their factory at Soho Square with a number of Earthenware Steam-pans, and in addition have had a large Silver pan made, in which to prepare the most delicate of their productions.