Metal Spatulas

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Small metal spatulas, both straight and offset, with narrow 4 inch blades are perhaps the most often used implements in my kitchen. They are perfect for leveling measuring spoons with dry ingredients, for spreading filling into pie and tart pans, for dislodging crust from the sides of a pan (if the pan is nonstick, a small plastic knife works better and won’t damage the pan lining), for frosting the sides of a cake, and for making swirls in frosting. It is also helpful to have a long, narrow metal spatula for smoothing the top of a cake. Small and large offset spatulas are handy for spreading mixtures evenly in pans or for lifting very small cakes. A broad inflexible grill spatula or pancake turner is useful for lifting frosted cake layers or transferring cookies from the cookie sheet. For smoothing the sides of a cake, Parrish Magic Line makes a slim 6 by 3 inch stainless steel metal plate called the Icing Blade; a bench scraper also works well.