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When I was in the process of writing my first cookbook on cake baking, my best friend, the late renowned food writer Burt Greene, suggested that I call it “The Baking Bible.” I didn’t think that was the most accurate description of the book, because the book was all about cakes, and so the title became The Cake Bible.

After writing that book, I went on to write four more dessert cookbooks covering the entire baking spectrum: cookies, pies, tarts, pastry, bread, and revisiting cakes. But because I have the heart and soul of a baker, not to mention such a litany of perfected basic elements from which to draw, inspiration just keeps coming, from both my imagination and my travels. I thought I would stop after writing Rose’s Heavenly Cakes, which included all of my new cakes post–Cake Bible. But one day I realized that not only had I created many new cakes, I had also kept revisiting the other subjects and now had many more new recipes I wanted to offer.