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First of all, I really need to thank all of the lecturers and the late Duncan Lyon of Scarborough Technical College (now Yorkshire Coast College). They all taught me different things in different ways, especially Ken Allanson who taught me to be disciplined with food. This gave me my direction in life - thank you, Ken.

Next a big “Thank-you” to Anthony Hodgson for putting together the book in such a superb format and for being so patient over the past couple of years, putting my thoughts of the life and times of The Star into an actual book! This wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of Nicola Oldroyd and Lizzie Wood for deciphering my scrawl of HB pencil onto A4 pad and eventually into type. Well done! Also thanks to the wonderful photography of Sam Bailey, with a little help from Antonio Olmas, and to local lass, Emma Dodsworth for being “on call”.