Boiled Sugar for Confections

Eleven tests are considered for boiling sugar: —
  • Small thread, 215°F.
  • Large thread, 217°.
  • Pearl, 220°.
  • Large pearl, 222°.
  • The blow, 230°.
  • The feather, 232°.
  • Soft ball, 238°.
  • Hard ball, 248°.
  • Small crack, 290°.
  • Crack, 310°.
  • Caramel, 350°.
Fondant, the basis of all French candy, is made of sugar and water boiled together (with a small quantity of cream of tartar to prevent sugar from granulating) to soft ball, 238°F. The professional confectioner is able to decide when syrup has boiled to the right temperature by sound while boiling, and by testing in cold water; these tests at first seem somewhat difficult to the amateur, but only a little experience is necessary to make fondant successfully. A sugar thermometer is often employed, and proves valuable, as by its use one need not exercise his judgment.

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