Taffy ingredients and procedure

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Chocolates and Confections

By Peter Greweling

Published 2007

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Saltwater taffy always contains sugar, glucose syrup, fat, and flavoring. In addition to these core ingredients, taffy may also contain milk products, cornstarch, gelatin, and/or frappe. Regardless of the ingredients, the basic principles and techniques are the same: Cook the sugar mixture to approximately 116Β°C/240Β°F, then pour it onto a slab to cool. If adding flavoring that is not heat stable, add it now. Once cooled to a consistency that can be handled, pull the plastic mass, either on a hook or by hand, to thoroughly aerate it. Taffies of different colors may be twisted, rolled, or formed together to create colorful stripes or other patterns. The taffy is then stretched into a rope with a diameter of about 25 mm/1 in and cut using oiled scissors. It is necessary to wrap each piece of taffy immediately after cutting, as taffy exhibits considerable cold flow and will lose its shape and absorb moisture if left unwrapped.