Chimney Smoking

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Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

Cold-Smoking & Salt-Curing Meat, Fish, & Game

By A D Livingston

Published 2010

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According to my copy of Larousse Gastronomique, cold-smoking is (or was) used almost exclusively in France for herring, which are first pickled in salt for a certain length of time, depending on how they are to be used. Bloaters, for example, are only lightly salted and will keep for only a few days. Pickled smoked herring, on the other hand, are salted for at least 8 days. After pickling, the herring are strung up on rods and placed in a chimney. A fire of beech wood is lit, which causes a rush of hot air up the chimney. This draught dries the herring quickly. Then the fire is dampened with beech sawdust and chips, which creates a dense smoke to flavor and color the herring.