Translations and adaptations of Podarok molodym khozjajham

Geschenk für junge Hausfrauen oder Mittel zur Verringerung der Wirthschaftsausgaben. Leipzig: Oswald Mutze, 1877. [The author is listed on the title page as Helene von Molochowetz.]

Bobrova, Nadezhda. Povarennaja kniga; podarok molodym khozjajkam. Sostavleno po izvestnomu kulinarnomu trudu E. M. [sic] Molokhovets [A cookbook; A gift to young housewives based on the well-known work of E. M. Molokhovets.] Riga: Praktiska biblioteka, 1932.

Bobrova’s book—224 pages—is only one quarter the length of Molokhovets’ late editions. I have not seen this volume, but if it is a genuine adaptation, it would be interesting to know what was included and what was omitted.

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