Development of Cookbooks in Russia

7. Aleksandr Sergeevich Orlov, Domostroj: Izsledovanie, pt. 1 [Domestic management: Research, part 1] (Moscow: Sinodal’naja tip., 1917; rpt. The Hague: Europe Printing, 1967). The last third of the work contains directions for managing the household and the preparation and storage of food.

8. Le Ménagier de Paris, ed. Georgina E. Brereton and Janet M. Ferrier (New York: Oxford University Press, 1981). A good short discussion of the relation between the Domostroj and the European domestic book is found in Carolyn Johnston Pouncy, “The Domostroi as a Source for Muscovite History” (Ph.D. diss., Stanford University, 1985): 154–165.