Mealtimes and Menus

74. N. I. Kovalev, Rasskazy o russkoj kukhne, 279–280. Also see entry for “vyt’ ” in Dal’, Tolkovyj slovar’, I, 322.

75. Podarok molodym khozjajkam i neopytnym khozjaevam [Gift to young and inexperienced housewives] (St. Petersburg: Dom prizrenija maloletnikh bednykh, 1874), 9. For this reason, the author advised serving nothing but salted zakuski and cold meats. The only hot dishes deemed suitable for the meal were soft-boiled eggs, meat patties, and beefsteaks. This anonymous book (hereafter referred to as Anon., Podarok) was among the many that tried to capitalize on the success of Elena Molokhovets’ cookbook, Podarok molodym khozjajkam, that was first published in 1861. In the Introduction to the 1914 edition of her book, Molokhovets gave many details about this flood of plagiarisms.