Vegetables and Greens

Ovoshchi i zelen’

Remarks concerning greens, vegetables, and roots: To retain the color of any green vegetable, scald the greens with water or drop them directly into rapidly boiling, salted water. Better still, add ½ spoon baking soda to the boiling water. For example, when using spinach for soup, sauce, or puddings, first remove the stems, wash the leaves, and drain them in a coarse sieve until they dry slightly. Then plunge them into boiling water with baking soda, boil until tender, turn into a coarse sieve, and rinse with cold water. When the spinach has drained, rub it through a sieve into a stoneware pot, and immediately add a piece of butter. Just before serving, take a prepared bouillon from the fire, add the spinach, mix, and serve. Green beans are prepared exactly the same.