Beef, Veal, and Lamb Preserves

Zapasy iz govjadiny, teljatiny, baraniny

Remarks: To store fresh meat and to rectify spoiled meat: If you wish to keep meat fresh for 12–15 days without an ice house or cold cellar, you must rub the meat with powdered salicylic acid, pack it into a vat, sprinkle more of the same powdered acid on top, and cover with a cloth.

This powder is sold at the druggist’s for 60 kopecks a jar. One jar of powder will cure enough meat for a family of 6–8 persons for the 3 summer months. The acid is harmless and does not impart any odor to the meat. However, the meat must be washed in several changes of water before using. If steps have not been taken for preserving the meat and it has already spoiled, then sprinkle the meat with some of the same powder. Rub it on thoroughly, immediately wash in several waters, and boil. Another way to rectify spoiled meat: wash it and soak in clean water. Cover with fresh water, bring to a boil, and remove the scum. Throw several well-heated, glowing but not smoking, clean coals into this water and boil for 15 minutes. If the beef is really rotten, then pour off this water as well. Cover with fresh water, bring to a boil, and throw in a fresh batch of glowing coals. After 15 minutes, remove the meat, and prepare it as usual. Or pour ordinary homemade vinegar over the meat, and let it marinate for 20 hours.